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Managed IT

Managed IT

Take the stress out of IT with our Managed IT Services

Would you like peace of mind knowing that your IT & Telephone System is being taken care of on a fixed monthly agreement with no surprises?

With NQIT's Managed IT Services, you get proactive 1-1 management of your IT systems at a fixed price per month. No surprises, no downtime, just complete 100% Townsville local support. By removing the IT burden and financial worry of large and unexpected IT invoices, you enjoy the benefits of:

  • Affordable, fixed and reduced IT costs
  • Local certified and experienced technicians
  • Better efficiency and productivity
  • More reliable IT infrastructure

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Replace your old "Phone System" and test VoIP for free for 14 days.

Still stuck in the traditional telephony system that cannot give you the competitive edge? Worried about how much it will cost to get a new system? Or mounting phone bills starting to get out of hand? NQIT can help.

Talk to us about getting a Business VoIP system that will not break the bank. We set up, monitor and maintain VoIP phone systems for businesses across all of Australia and New Zealand.

Choose the VoIP solution that fits your business needs.

Try now for 14 days free

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Internet solutions that grow as your business grows.

A "Business Grade Internet" connection is a requirement, not an option. Regardless of what your Internet needs are, NQIT can provide a wide range of connectivity options for you.

Our Business Internet solutions are not only versatile but also grow as your company grows. We guarantee 99.99% uptime and our service is compliant with industry standards.

Tell us what your business requires, and we’ll show you the different connectivity options available to you. Whether it’s wireless, broadband, cable Internet, or T1 and beyond, we can set up, maintain and provide support for your Internet connectivity. Say goodbye to downtime.

Look no further for affordable and dependable Internet connectivity. Talk to us today

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Data Centre

Data Centre

Secure Data Centre solutions that fit your budget

Have you been looking to move your data to the cloud or off-premise but it's always been too expensive in the past? NQIT can now provide you with a Data Centre solution that can fit your budget. Our 24/7 Secure and Redundant Data Centre Location is Townsville based and provides the same security and peace of mind as the big city centres.

  • Your data locally based in Townsville
  • Disaster proof, secured location
  • Affordable rack space starting from 1RU
  • High-Speed data up to 1GBPS
  • Dedicated IP Range CTA

Talk to us now and let us tailor a solution for your business.

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IT Services, Phones and Internet Supporting North Queensland Business

Experience the NQIT Difference, you'll never look back!

We only do Managed IT Services, NO Adhoc support ever. This means that we understand, know and fully document your business requirements inside out.


Our team is made up of certified, highly experienced and trained technicians that are dedicated to providing your business with outstanding service.

Fixed Costs

With fixed cost monthly agreements you can budget easily and start saving money before you know it.


We are completely Townsville based, which means no time differences and no offshoring. We'll also be at your office in a flash with no call out fees.

We Help You Grow

We share in your goal to see your business prosper. That’s why we make ourselves accountable for IT problems and are happy when you are happy.


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Latest News

3 Questions You Should Ask Any IT “Expert” Before Letting Them Touch Your Computer Network
13 May 2022
3 Questions You Should Ask Any IT “Expert” Before Letting Them Touch Your Computer Network

There are seemingly countless IT service providers to choose from these days, and it can be challenging to tell one from another. However, not all IT service providers are created equal. Some offer independent services, while others are part of larger firms. Some are new to the field, while others have been around for years. There are also companies that put out slick marketing to grab your attention but make it hard to tell if they really live up to the hype. Well, we’re here to help you cut through the clutter. You want to hire someone who knows what they’re doing and is going to take care of your business the right way. To do that, there are a few questions you should ask every IT expert before you let them anywhere near your network to ensure you’ll be in good hands. What’s your IT experience? Education, certifications and hands-on experience are all important. You want to know your “expert” is actually an expert. It’s all too easy for someone to pass themselves off as an expert when they really have limited experience, so you should never hire an individual or a company without vetting them first. After all, this person (or team) will be handling EXTREMELY sensitive hardware and data essential to the operation of your business. This isn’t time to take risks or give someone the benefit of the doubt. When you work with an IT services company or MSP, you can generally expect that the people you work with are educated and experienced, but you should always ask. It’s okay to dive in and ask them about their certifications, how long they’ve been doing their job and how familiar they are with your industry. And if you aren’t sure what certain certifications are, feel free to ask follow-up questions. There’s a very good chance they’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions, especially if they’re a true professional who knows what they’re doing! What’s your IT approach? There are different approaches to IT and network security. You have the old-fashioned break-fix approach, and you have the modern proactive approach. The break-fix approach used to be the staple of the IT industry – it was the business model of just about every IT support firm in the 1990s and into the early 2000s. This approach is pretty straightforward: Something breaks, so you hire someone to come in and fix it. If many things break or something complicated breaks, you could be looking at a pretty hefty bill – not to mention the costs associated with downtime. Today, most MSPs take a proactive approach (and if they don’t, look elsewhere). They don’t wait for something to break – they’re already on it, monitoring your network 24/7, looking for outside threats or internal issues. They use advanced software that can identify trouble before it strikes. That way, they can go to work proactively protecting your business so you avoid those hefty bills and long downtimes. These are companies that are willing to collaborate with you and your business to make sure you’re protected, your IT needs are met and you’re getting your dollars’ worth. What’s your GUARANTEED response time? This question often gets overlooked, but it’s one that can make or break your business – and it can make or break your relationship with your IT service provider. You need to know that you won’t be left in the dark when something goes wrong within your network. If you’re experiencing a cyber-attack or a power surge has taken out part of your server, the cost to your business can be catastrophic if your IT service provider can’t get to you right away. The longer you have to wait, the worse it can get. You need to work with someone who can give you a guaranteed response time in writing. It should be built into their business model, or better yet, the contract they want you to sign when you hire their services. They should be doing everything they can to instill confidence that they’ll be there for you when you need them. If you’re working with an IT company that doesn’t have your full confidence, you may need to rethink that relationship.

Simple PC Tips to Improve Productivity
29 April 2022
Simple PC Tips to Improve Productivity

Your desktop or laptop may have the applications you need for work, but it also features so many on-screen distractions that it’s easy for you to lose focus on important tasks. Here are a few tricks to help you avoid distractions at work and boost your productivity. Monitor productivity levels Start by tracking how much work you complete on an average day. There are many useful apps for this. For example, Google Chrome has an extension called RescueTime, which records your most frequently visited sites and tracks how much time you spend away from your computer. This app will provide you with a productivity rating and a detailed log of how you spend your time at work. If you discover you’re wasting a huge portion of your day on social networking and other online productivity killers, you’re more likely to make conscious adjustments to how you manage your time. Block sites that waste your time Visiting non-work-related websites hinders productivity. A quick five-minute break to check your Facebook feed may not seem like much, but a few of those per day add up to a lot of time. If you and your employees have trouble staying away from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, then it’s a good idea to block access to them using URL filters. Alternatively, you can use browser extensions like StayFocusd or Strict Workflow, which allow you to set a limit on how long and how often users can visit non-work-related sites. Get rid of clutter You can also decrease distractions and increase your output by deleting old files, uninstalling unused programs, and organizing documents into appropriately labeled folders. Doing so makes finding files easier and improves your computer’s performance as well. As for the clutter in your email inbox, Gmail and Outlook both have features that filter out unimportant messages. Simply enable Priority Inbox on Gmail or Clutter on Outlook to get a clean, spam-free inbox. Stay on track with to-do lists To-do lists help you break down large projects into manageable, bite-sized tasks. Plus, crossing things off the list is surprisingly satisfying since it gives you a sense of accomplishment and total visibility over your progress. You can choose from a wide variety of digital to-do lists like Google Tasks or Trello, which allow you to set deadlines for small tasks and write clear instructions for each. What’s more, they’re incredibly easy to use and are great for keeping track of your workflow. Use keyboard shortcuts Mastering keyboard shortcuts makes it easier and faster to perform functions you’d typically do with a mouse. There are more than a hundred useful shortcuts, but here are the most common shortcuts you should keep in mind: Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + X – copy, paste, and cut selected items Ctrl + Z – undo an action Alt + Tab – switch between open apps Alt + F4 – close the active app For more of these, take a look at this updated list of advanced shortcuts for Windows. In this digital age of short attention spans, focus is key to achieving business success. Drop us a line today if you’d like to know more about how tech can help improve focus and overall productivity for you and your business staff.

Gear up your network equipment with UPS
1 April 2022
Gear up your network equipment with UPS

During a power outage, responsible business owners use emergency power to keep desktop computers from unexpectedly shutting down. While that’s certainly a good strategy for keeping machines operational and preventing data loss, there’s something else you can do to ensure that your staff remains productive while weathering a storm: uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for networking equipment. UPS for network equipment UPS systems provide backup power in case of outages and protect against power surges, which don’t just damage computers but also make you lose unsaved work. Deploying them for Wi-Fi routers and modems allows you to stay connected to the internet in what is typically a chaotic time. Moreover, it makes sense not to just keep your PCs powered up, but to also have internet access during a disaster. This strategy works relatively well if your staff are predominantly laptop users, as that means you only need power for your Wi-Fi gear. Better than generators Although generators are indispensable for certain businesses, they also require greater upkeep. Small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) may not have enough capacity to maintain them because they typically require a utility crew who can manage high-maintenance equipment. What’s more, extreme mishaps when misused or mishandled could result in generator-related fatalities. On the other hand, misusing a UPS unit could result in the loss of a day’s work, but it’s unlikely to lead to anything as extreme. Why internet access is important during a disaster UPS-supported modems or routers help you stay online for as much as 90 minutes, which should be enough time to get your bearings before power finally runs out. Internet service providers (ISPs) are usually prepared for catastrophes and would normally have an emergency power source to stay operational. And if you can stay online via Wi-Fi during an emergency, you get the following benefits: Internet speed that’s faster than cellular access No extra telecom costs resulting from overreliance on cellular data All devices stay online using a stable Wi-Fi connection Devices don’t have to rely on cellular data-equipped phones for internet connection Plug in your network gear now Businesses that aren’t located in disaster-prone areas probably don’t give much thought to installing UPSs for their computers, let alone their modems. But accidents and emergencies are inevitable. And when they happen, you’ll find that having internet access is one of the most important things you need to ensure business continuity. Think of an emergency power supply source like a UPS as an investment that not just protects your systems from data loss but also keeps your Wi-Fi equipment functioning in emergency scenarios. Call us today for productivity-saving tips and other hardware hacks for your business

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