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Managed IT

Managed IT

Take the stress out of IT with our Managed IT Services

Would you like peace of mind knowing that your IT & Telephone System is being taken care of on a fixed monthly agreement with no surprises?

With NQIT's Managed IT Services, you get proactive 1-1 management of your IT systems at a fixed price per month. No surprises, no downtime, just complete 100% Townsville local support. By removing the IT burden and financial worry of large and unexpected IT invoices, you enjoy the benefits of:

  • Affordable, fixed and reduced IT costs
  • Local certified and experienced technicians
  • Better efficiency and productivity
  • More reliable IT infrastructure

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Replace your old "Phone System" and test VoIP for free for 30 days.

Still stuck in the traditional telephony system that cannot give you the competitive edge? Worried about how much it will cost to get a new system? Or mounting phone bills starting to get out of hand? NQIT can help.

Talk to us about getting a Business VoIP system that will not break the bank. We set up, monitor and maintain VoIP phone systems for businesses across all of Australia and New Zealand.

Choose the VoIP solution that fits your business needs.

Try now for 30 days free

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Internet solutions that grow as your business grows.

A "Business Grade Internet" connection is a requirement, not an option. Regardless of what your Internet needs are, NQIT can provide a wide range of connectivity options for you.

Our Business Internet solutions are not only versatile but also grow as your company grows. We guarantee 99.99% uptime and our service is compliant with industry standards.

Tell us what your business requires, and we’ll show you the different connectivity options available to you. Whether it’s wireless, broadband, cable Internet, or T1 and beyond, we can set up, maintain and provide support for your Internet connectivity. Say goodbye to downtime.

Look no further for affordable and dependable Internet connectivity. Talk to us today

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Secure Cloud Services and Data Centre solutions that fit your budget

Have you been looking to move your data to the cloud or off-premise but it's always been too expensive in the past? NQIT can now provide you with a Data Centre solution that can fit your budget. Our 24/7 Secure and Redundant Data Centre Location is Townsville based and provides the same security and peace of mind as the big city centres.

  • Your data locally based in Townsville
  • Disaster proof, secured location
  • Affordable rack space starting from 1RU
  • High-Speed data up to 1GBPS
  • Dedicated IP Range CTA

Talk to us now and let us tailor a solution for your business.

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We can help you achieve your business goals with our VCIO Services, Analysis and Reporting, without the expensive cost of hiring a CIO.

But what is a CIO? A CIO or Chief Information Officer is the person who is responsible for the management, implementation, and usability of information and computer technologies in a company. A CIO works with information technology and computer systems to support the company’s goals and strategy. A CIO will also deal with issues such as online infrastructure, hardware and software adequacy, and information security.

In short, the CIO is at the top of the food chain when it comes to Managed IT Services for both large and small business. In the past it was impossible for small business to afford such a role due to the prohibitive cost. However now thanks to our long years supporting customers and experience within our company, we can provide the same service to small business at a fraction of the cost.

Let us help you grow your business via current technology services. Find out more about this by booking a meeting with one of our account managers.

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Cyber Guard

Cyber Guard

What is Cyber Protection and does my business really need it?

Cyber protection provides peace of mind and total protection through various monitoring, security, and backup tools to mention a few. If your business cannot afford to pay large sums of Ransom money and/or losing data, then you already know the answer. Some of the reasons why we believe Cyber Protection and Australian Essential 8 compliance is so important to any business are:

  • Small business owners run mostly on very strict budgets especially for their security measures.
  • Adhoc IT Support provides for very little to no protection.
  • Simply having Anti-Virus software is not enough.
  • Cyber Insurance is hard to get and very restrictive on coverage.
  • The cyber-attack ransom costs can cripple a business.
  • The recovery costs alone can become the business downfall.

"Does this sound like your business?"

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Managed IT Services, Phones and Internet Supporting North Queensland Business

Experience the NQIT Difference, you'll never look back!

We only do Managed IT Services, NO Adhoc support ever. This means that we understand, know and fully document your business requirements inside out.


Our team is made up of certified, highly experienced and trained technicians that are dedicated to providing your business with outstanding service.

Fixed Costs

With fixed cost monthly agreements you can budget easily and start saving money before you know it.


We are completely Townsville based, which means no time differences and no offshoring. We'll also be at your office in a flash with no call out fees.

We Help You Grow

We share in your goal to see your business prosper. That’s why we make ourselves accountable for IT problems and are happy when you are happy.


Years In Business


Years of Experience


Customer Satisfaction


Loyal Customers

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Latest News

What's the fuss with Chat Ai?
21 February 2023
What's the fuss with Chat Ai?

Are you a small business owner wondering what all the fuss is about Chat AI? You've heard of it and it sounds intriguing, but you aren't quite sure how it works or how it could benefit your business. As the world moves more and more towards automation and technology, having an intelligent chatbot to help manage customer interactions is quickly becoming a must-have for businesses. Not only does this technology save time and money, but it helps create better experiences for customers. But what exactly is Chat AI? In simple terms, it's an artificial intelligence system that uses natural language processing (NLP) to help interact with customers. It can take over mundane tasks like answering frequently asked questions, freeing up employees to focus on more important tasks. This makes answering queries more efficient, increases customer satisfaction and loyalty levels, and allows for better data collection for targeted marketing campaigns. Chat AI systems are also designed in such a way that they can learn from their conversations with humans and become smarter over time. They have the capability to remember information from previous conversations which come in handy when dealing with returning customers. Plus, since chatbots are available 24/7 they can even answer customer queries outside of normal working hours! Overall, Chat AI presents an exciting opportunity for small businesses because they will no longer have to hire additional staff just handle customer inquiries – allowing them to save money while providing better service at the same time. So why not give Chat AI a try? Your customers will thank you!

Is Your Business Microsoft Security Compliant?
18 February 2024
Is Your Business Microsoft Security Compliant?

In today’s digital landscape, ensuring robust security practices is paramount for any organization. Microsoft offers comprehensive solutions to help businesses manage risks, protect sensitive data, and meet regulatory requirements. Let’s delve into the world of Microsoft security compliance. Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager simplifies compliance and reduces risk. Here are some key features: Intuitive Management: Easily onboard, manage workflows, implement controls, and catalog evidence. Scalable Assessments: Utilize customizable regulatory assessment templates to meet business requirements. Built-in Capabilities: Leverage compliance score, control mapping, versioning, and continuous assessments. Multicloud Regulatory Assessments: Choose from over 320 templates to meet compliance requirements across Microsoft 365 and non-Microsoft products1. Security Compliance Toolkit (SCT) The Security Compliance Toolkit empowers enterprise security administrators. It allows you to download, analyze, test, edit, and store Microsoft-recommended security configuration baselines. Effectively manage Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for Windows and other Microsoft products2. Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance Suite Microsoft’s comprehensive compliance and data governance solutions safeguard sensitive data across clouds, apps, and endpoints. Identify and remediate critical risks within your organization3. Remember, compliance isn’t just a checkbox—it’s an ongoing commitment to security. Stay informed, adapt to evolving landscapes, and protect your business effectively. If you're unsure speak to us now so we can guide yo in the right direction.  Disclaimer: This blog provides an overview. Always consult official Microsoft documentation for detailed guidance.

Why Ethernet will always beat WiFi.
16 January 2024
Why Ethernet will always beat WiFi.

While both Ethernet and WiFi have their own merits, Ethernet is often considered superior in certain aspects, leading to the argument that Ethernet will always beat WiFi in certain scenarios. Here are some reasons why Ethernet is often favoured: 1. **Speed and Reliability:** - Ethernet generally provides faster and more reliable network connections compared to WiFi. Wired connections are less prone to interference, signal loss, or fluctuations in speed, which can be common issues with wireless connections. 2. **Consistent Performance:** - Ethernet connections offer consistent and predictable performance, making them ideal for applications that require a stable and constant data transfer rate. This is crucial for tasks like business, online gaming, video streaming, or large file transfers. 3. **Security:** - Wired connections are considered more secure than wireless connections. Ethernet networks are harder to hack into since physical access to the network is required. This makes them a preferred choice for organisations with stringent security requirements. 4. **Less Susceptible to Interference:** - WiFi signals can be affected by interference from other electronic devices, neighbouring WiFi networks, or physical obstacles. Ethernet cables, being shielded, are less susceptible to external interference, providing a more reliable connection. 5. **No Signal Degradation with Distance:** - Ethernet cables can maintain a consistent level of performance over longer distances without the signal degradation that can occur with WiFi over extended ranges. 6. **Better for Bandwidth-Intensive Applications:** - Ethernet is often preferred for applications that demand high bandwidth, such as large-scale data transfers, video editing, or running data-intensive applications. It ensures a more stable and responsive connection in such scenarios. 7. **Reduced Latency:** - Ethernet connections typically have lower latency compared to WiFi. Lower latency is crucial for real-time applications like business applications, online gaming and video conferencing. 8. **Scalability:** - Ethernet networks are generally easier to scale in terms of adding more devices or expanding the network. WiFi networks can become congested with an increasing number of connected devices, leading to performance issues. However, it's important to note that WiFi technology continues to advance, and for many users, the convenience and flexibility of wireless connections outweigh the advantages of Ethernet. Additionally, in certain situations, like in residential settings or mobile environments, WiFi might be the preferred choice despite its limitations. The choice between Ethernet and WiFi depends on specific use cases, requirements, and preferences.

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