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Managed IT

Managed IT

Managed IT Services for Business.

Managed IT services are becoming increasingly important for businesses in today's world. With the proliferation of technology and the need to stay "connected" to customers, it is no longer feasible to go without having a knowledgeable team managing your IT needs. Managed IT services offer companies a variety of benefits from improved performance and reliability, cost savings, and proactive maintenance activities that can save time and money. Managed IT services provide a comprehensive set of solutions for business networks and systems, helping you address any challenges that arise quickly to keep downtime and disruption minimal. For businesses looking for better ways to manage their technology and stay ahead of threats, Managed IT services are the best choice to help them accomplish their objectives.

Managed IT Services provide proactive monitoring, comprehensive system maintenance and secure networks that can keep business costs low while ensuring stability and efficiency throughout the organisation. Managed IT Services take the guesswork out of technology management, allowing organisations to focus their time and resources on executing their business strategies with confidence knowing their IT systems are safe and optimised. Managed IT Service providers offer tailored plans that allow businesses access to a full spectrum of technical support options, giving them the peace of mind they need to stay ahead in a dynamically changing environment.

Would you like peace of mind knowing that your IT is being taken care of on a fixed monthly agreement with no surprises? With NQIT's Managed IT Services, you get proactive 1-1 management of your IT systems at a fixed price per month. No surprises, no downtime, just complete 100% local support.By removing the IT burden and financial worry of large and unexpected IT invoices, you enjoy the benefits of:

  • Better efficiency and productivity
  • More reliable IT infrastructure
  • Priority access to our experienced technicians
  • Reduced IT costs

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Our EasyCare Managed IT Services agreement is based on a fixed cost per user and an every affordable solution if you mostly require remote support and only the casual onsite attendance.

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Our ProCare Managed IT Services agreement gives you complete peace of mind with a fixed cost per month for unlimited remote and onsite support along with our popular Co-Managed and VCIO - (Virtual Chief Information Officer) services.

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If you have a large IT project coming up, we also offer fixed price quoting so you can budget, forecast and plan your IT expenditure in advance. 

The NQIT Team can provide a full suite of services:

  • VCIO Complete Services
  • Systems Analysis & Management
  • IT Resource Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Dedicated Customer Portal
  • Monthly & Quarterly Reports
  • Onsite Consultation & Forward Planning
  • Networking & Internet Support
  • Data Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Workstation & Server Monitoring
  • Print Management
  • VoIP Phone Systems
  • 24/7 Monitored Backups
  • Managed IT Documents Access

Our Managed Services are automated, simple, local and fair

We help you grow.

That is our primary goal. We work with our clients to ensure that IT systems are managed and monitored proactively, more importantly we provide the advice, support and systems to deliver cost-effective technology enabled solutions. In return, this places the business well ahead of its competitors in the marketplace, on its way to becoming the leading in its space. This also provides the business with a high-end technology profile others will look up to and want to follow. Most of the business we provide Managed IT Services to have now become the leaders in their market space. 


Because the business and its owners and managers truly understand the value of information technology, and now require an IT professional partner to improve the existing systems and provide long term Managed IT Services with proactive support throughout its growth stages.


By delivering a complete business transformation through IT enabled technologies and moving closer towards industry compliant standards.

  • One business, One IT domain
  • Dedicated customer portal
  • Microsoft office 365 migration
  • Online team collaboration tools
  • Standard operating environment
  • Reporting tools and live dashboards
  • Unified communication systems

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