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In a highly globalized market, you need a versatile communications solution.

Still stuck in the traditional telephony system that cannot give you the competitive edge? Worried about how much you will spend in getting a new system? Or mounting phone bills starting to get out of hand? NQIT can help. Talk to us about getting enterprise level Business VoIP that will not break the bank.

We set up, monitor and maintain VoIP phone systems for businesses across New Zealand and Australia. This solution can lower expenditures and improve communications and collaboration for your organisation. All for a cost-effective price that fits right in your budget.

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The Best VoIP Phone Systems for Businesses in Australia

If you’re in business and looking to get ahead of your competition, you’ll undoubtedly be concerned with ensuring that your company has the very best system in place when it comes to telecommunications.

A good system that has been well matched to the specific needs of your particular business will serve to:

  • Improve the overall effectiveness of communication between your staff and with customers,
  • Enhance your customer service reputation by making life easier for your customer service team,
  • Ensure that you and your staff never miss important calls or suffer from any technical issues associated with sub-par telecommunications systems,
  • And significantly reduce your overall telecommunications expenses.

One obvious way to deal with the pressures associated with poor communication and mounting phone bills is to have a VoIP phone system installed in your company. Or, if you already have one in place, to invest in a new system that is better suited to the individual needs and requirements of your particular business and your staff.

Unfortunately, many business owners are put off making these much needed investments because they assume that the process of attaining new VoIP phone systems for business has to be an inherently complicated and expensive one - which isn't the case.

In reality, it has never been easier to get VoIP for business – and with the help of a trusted and established company like NQIT, your business can soon join the many across Australia and New Zealand that have made the excellent decision to invest in or upgrade their VoIP business phone systems.

VoIP Business Phone Systems for Improved Communication

Ultimately, every business is built around and supported by its people. From owners and shareholders to employees, customers and suppliers, people of all backgrounds are what make enterprises function.

When these people are communicating well, sharing their ideas and keeping each other informed as to their activities and plans, the business can thrive without stress or complication.

But when communication is made confusing, difficult or stressful by poor telecommunications services, the interactions between people, which form the basis of the whole enterprise, begin to suffer. The inevitable consequence is a less pleasant working environment, and less money generated.

VoIP systems for business can rectify this situation. The right system will make it easy and hassle-free for your staff to communicate with each other and with your customers, so you’ll be able to rest assured that a healthy and productive culture of communication exists in your company.

VoIP Business Phone Systems for Better Customer Service

Great customer service is often the difference between success and failure for a business. If your customer service team are able to make every customer feel valued, and instil a sense of confidence in your product or service, then you’re bound to stand out from your competitors in the eyes of your customers.

The road to developing the best customer service starts with establishing the best telecommunications system – if you don’t make it as easy as possible for your staff to communicate with each other and with your customers, you won’t see the desired results.

The best VoIP systems for business offer a seamless, practical and affordable solution to the problem of how to enhance the communications of your customer service team.

By electronically tagging the contact details of your customers and suppliers from your phonebook with your database, you’re putting everything your staff need right at their fingertips.

This way, you can ensure that when a customer or supplier calls, your team are able to immediately access everything required to deal with whatever gets thrown at them – without needing to leave your valuable clients waiting around while their requests are dealt with.

The facilities and features that come with VoIP systems for business are also important tools in the effort to enhance the customer service of your team. With easy to use, intuitive software, dealing with incoming calls and keeping in communication with clients is made effortless in a way it never could be with traditional phone line systems.

By making it easier than ever to deal with long-distance and international calls, put callers on hold with music, redirect calls and hold video conferences, VoIP phone systems for business make life simple for your customer service team – allowing them to get on with dealing with the needs of your customers in a friendly, professional and efficient manner.

Never Miss a Call with VoIP Business Phone Systems

So much business is lost due to missed calls and poor communication – but with VoIP for business, you and your team will never have to miss another call.

As everything is handled over the internet instead of the traditional phone lines, VoIP phone for business makes it easier than it ever has been to handle calls from all over the world, wherever you happen to be, and whatever your schedule.

You can log in to the same system whether you’re at home, in the office or on the go with your smartphone – so regardless of where you are and what you’re doing, any calls made to your office can be dealt with there and then.

And because the same goes for everyone you’ve got set up in the system, neither you nor your staff will ever have to worry about missing an important call again.

Save Money with VoIP Business Phone Systems

Considering the numerous benefits of having a quality VoIP phone for business, you’d expect it to be a more expensive option than a traditional phone system. In fact, routing calls through the internet via VoIP systems for business is actually the cheaper option.

As a result, a VoIP phone system for small business is just as practical and economically realistic as it is for a big business – so there’s really no reason not to make the investment!

And when you choose to buy your VoIP for business system with NQIT, we’ll not only set everything up for you – we’ll also provide on-going monitoring and maintenance services to ensure your telecommunications are running smoothly.

The simple, intuitive interface means there’s no need for staff training, so your business can be reaping the rewards of a great VoIP phone system from the moment everything’s set up.

One of Australia's Leading Providers of Business VOIP Systems

You may expect all VoIP systems to be equal, but in fact, VoIP phone systems for business are in a class of their own, far above ordinary consumer grade VoIP systems. On the rest of this page, we'll tell you a bit more about VoIP business systems, and how they can provide a genuine advantage to your business.

How is VOIP for business different?

All VOIP traffic travels over the Internet. The difference between different types of VOIP, however, is a matter of how the data is routed. Just as different website hosting services can provide different levels of performance depending on how congested their networks are, the same is true for VOIP services.

Routing your VOIP traffic through a dedicated business service such as NQIT means your data isn't at risk of bottle-necking. When data becomes bottle-necked, it may fragment or be delayed. When you use VOIP for business, you don't have to be concerned about this problem.

Is it necessary to have a VOIP phone system for small business?

You could certainly get by without VOIP, but why should big business enjoy all the advantages VOIP has to offer when you can just as easily benefit by investing in a VOIP phone system for your small business. You will save money and there can be additional advantages from VOIP as well. Talk to the specialists at NQIT to find out all the benefits of VOIP for small business.

Are VOIP systems for business expensive?

No. They'll actually cost you much less than ordinary telephone systems, and over the long term your savings could run into millions or even billions of dollars depending on the size of your business and the volume of outbound calls you typically make. VOIP systems for business definitely make sense if you want to keep your communications costs down.

What's different about a VOIP phone for business?

Nothing, really. It's just that your phone transmits and receives communications over your Internet connection instead of over a normal telephone connection. Also, because your communications are routed over your Internet connection, it means long distance calls are not charged on a timed basis. In every other way, a VOIP phone for business is identical to a regular phone.

How do I get a VOIP system set up in my business?

NQIT can assist you with all your VOIP and other communications needs. NQIT is an Australian expert in VOIP technology, providing the best VOIP lines to Australian businesses of all sizes and categories. If your business doesn't have a VOIP system installed, you are missing out on many benefits, including potentially huge savings on your outbound call costs.

Find out more by calling NQIT today.

Contact a member of our friendly team today to learn more about our quality VoIP systems for business. NQIT is one of Australia's leaders in VoIP telephone systems.

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